English lunch

On December 5th, third graders had an English lunch together

During November, they learned the names of different foods, all the objects on the table, how to describe what they eat and drink for each meal, what they like and don’t like, and they practiced the most used phrases in a lunch.

When they were ready, they gathered all together at noon in the headmaster’s office, in the big beautiful “Sala della Contessa”. Before eating, they prayed in English. In order to be served, they had to order the first course, the second course and the fruit in English to the “waitresses”: their teachers. If they needed water, bread or some more food, they had to ask for it in English.

The kids were enthusiastic: they all did their best and there were some who tried to chat on different topics, like music.

This was a great occasion for the students to experience what they learned, and to discover that what they study can be very useful.